About ZekeWill

We believe that our interactions with our customers should never be merely transactional but rather relational. By developing a relationship with our customers, we are better equipped to understand what they are looking to achieve by hiring us, thus being better positioned to deliver exactly that. From house to home is not just our tagline. It’s our commitment to our customers. We can’t imagine that a cold house repair service can deliver it, but ZekeWill.

Hi, I'm Zeke Saliga!

I am the owner of ZekeWill LLC, with my partner and good friend Luiz DaCosta.

Ever since I was a kid, I always had woodworking skills, and I learned a lot about building and repairing buildings with my family. I went to Assabet Valley and graduated High-School with a diploma in Carpentry, and worked for a carpentry company for a while, then decided to be on my own working as a handyman, doing minor repairs, building or repairing decks, designing and building customized shelving units that doubled as hidden doors for kids rooms, and other fun projects. I also acquired a lot of experience working on pergolas, mantels, and some artisan carpentry projects exclusive to some customers. I started working for Modular Concepts LLC in 2019, leading their handyman division. It was great to have their managerial excellence behind my work, and I was very proud of their values and the way they conduct their business. Things went so well with that division that Luiz and I decided to open a new company dedicated exclusively to helping people with tasks they need but won’t get done for some reason. That’s how ZekeWill was created. A brand new way to fulfill an ever-present need.

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